The HOLZ – TERZETT was founded in September 2017 in the Rheinstrasse 53a in Wuppertal. We are Jakob Jentgens on Soprano Saxophone, Christoph Klenner on Tenor Saxophone and Andreas Bär on Barytone Saxophone. The Rheinstrasse is also the place where we work together. It is a beautiful studio on top of an old shoelace and suspender factory. This studio belongs to the composer and barytone player Andreas Bär, who lives in Berlin. Christoph Klenner and Jakob Jentgens are living in Essen. Here, in the studio we come together for rehearsal and to record our music. In march 2018 we played our first concert in the Mahlersaal of the Stadthalle Wuppertal, with the music of Caccini, Mahler and Bär. For the next weeks we worked on some new peaces to increase our repertoire. In december 2018 we were starting our studio concerts to train playing our new peaces in front of a small selected audience. We also begun working on the 3 short operas. We finish our series of opera performances on 14th dec. 2019. Now we work on audio and film material for the 3 short operas.

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